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Ghost Wolf


    Once a man found two wolf pups on the beach, he took them to his home and raised them. When the pups had grown, they would swim out in to the ocean, kill a whale, and bring it to shore for the man to eat. Each day they did this, soon there was too much meat to eat and it began to spoil. When the Great Spirt Above saw this waste he made a fog and the wolves could
    not find whales to kill nor find they way back to shore. They had to remain at sea, those wolves became seawolves (Orca).
    A Story told by the Haida of British Columbia, Canada.

    Native peoples called him 'brother'. Great warriors, medicine men and chiefs took their name and wolf-tales were recounted around fires until the ashes grew cold. So powerful was the medicine of the Wolf, elite warrior societies believed that by donning their pelts and making themselves to resemble wolves before riding into the camps of their enemies, they would be unseen and virtually invincible.

- Facing the end of one's cycle with dignity and courage
- Death and rebirth
- Spirit teaching
- Guidance in dreams and meditations
- Instinct linked with intelligence
- Social and familial values
- Outwitting enemies
- Ability to pass unseen
- Steadfastness
- Skill in protection of self and family
- Taking advantage of change

White Spirt Wolf

Over the centuries, the wolf has come to mean different things to different cultures. Revered as a deity, or reviled as a devil, the wolf has often paid with its life for crimes it did not commit.